Education is the key to
success in life

We need innovation
in education

He who laughs most,
learns best

The Feel Place

“Where Empathy thrives.”

Children become aware of their emotions by embracing and expressing themselves  in an open.


The Think Place

“Bringing Imagination to reality.”

At Seedling, children have the freedom to create whatever comes to their mind, individually or with peers.


The Do Place

“Discover with every moment.”

we provide an environment closer to nature with a purpose to help children learn by asking questions.


“Children are nation’s greatest potential asset. In time they become its writers, scientists, philosophers and decision makers. They are constantly learning every second of the day. So energy and effort put into children to enable them to fulfil their full potential, is an investment in the future.”

Such was the guiding principle behind the establishment of Seedling Group of Schools. Seedling Nursery School was, the first of the group, founded in the year 1983 by Mrs. Mohini Bakshi along with the eminent people from various walks of life. The Seedling Group aims at providing quality education, keeping in mind the country’s rich cultural heritage, and to give ample opportunities for the overall development of body, mind and spirit of a child enabling him to become an integrated human being. This leads to a secure and strong foundation of intellectual ability , expertise, useful skills and set of traditional values, preparing the child well to face the challenges of 21st’ Century.


Happy Students


Qualified Teachers






From the Principal’s Desk

“Education opens up such vast vistas of knowledge that one needs many a lives to master it.” True, very true, when I came back from Africa, and after going round the schools for my sons’ admissions, I realised, that Jaipur Kindergarten classes were in immediate need of revamping & restructuring. With my experience and training in East Africa in the field of education, I started Seedling Nursery School in the year 1986, bringing in a new approach, a Play Way Method, used all over the world but sadly lacking in India at that time.

From the Director’s Desk

Paradigms in education are not static, they change with the growing body of technical knowledge and changing human needs. Seedling was the result of this realization amongst stalwarts in the field of education who joined hands to form the Ankur Udbodhak Samiti.

The motto of the Samiti is “हस्य नयतु न ब्रह्मज्ञानम्” which means that we aim at wisdom and the ability to comprehend. Our effort is to open all doors so that noble thoughts come to us from every side.

Admissions Open For 2020-2021