Activities of Play Way Method

  • Group activities &field trips & picnics.
  • Sports, outdoors games and fun activity/game for gross and fine motui skills.
  • Audio visual and computer graphics.
  • Dramatisation and story telling and enactment.
  • Recitation-both English and Hindi.
  • Seedling focuses on improving children’s social skills, listening skills, questioning skil s, gross and fine motor skills, learning to be part of a group, creativity, and early numeric skills. Learning takes place within a thematic framework. Themes are selected regularly, maintaining childrens’ interest and helping students make links between classroom lessons and the real world.
  • Children are guided to ‘Learn through Play’, creating a positive attitude towards learning and developing children’s abilities and talents.


  • Individualistic approach.
  • Kindle thinking child.
  • Positive learning environment.
  • To provide quality experience.
  • Follow & create pre reading/writing opportunities for children.
  • To encourage skills, activities, and games to lay foundation for reading, writing, mathematics, art & physical agility.
  • Memory games, skills in concentration and observation. Develop child into an intelligent, understanding and caring human being.
  • To foster the intellectual, social, emotional, physical, spiritual and aesthetic development.
  • Develop critical and analytical skills.