Welcome to Seedling Nursery School

“Children are nation’s greatest potential asset. In time they become its writers, scientists, philosophers and decision makers. They are constantly learning every second of the day. So energy and effort put into children to enable them to fulfil their full potential, is an investment in the future.”

Such was the guiding principle behind the establishment of Seedling Group of School. Seeding Nursery School was, the fist of the group, founded in the year 1983 by Mrs. Mohini Bakshi along with the eminent people from various walks of life. The Seedling Group aims at providing quality education, keeping in mind the country’s rich cultural heritage, and to give ample opportunities for the overall development of body, mind and spirit of a child enabling him to become and integrated human being. This leads to a secure and strong foundation of intellectual ability , expertise, useful skills and set of traditional values, preparing the child well to face the challenge of 21st’ Century. The motto of the Group is —4.11kkagFm-‘” which means we are one family aim at wisdom and ability to comprehend. Our effort is to open all doors so that noble thoughts come to us from every side.

Jaipur National University. U.G.0 recognised, at Jagatpura which is a venture of “Seedling group of Institutions”. It offers the entire gamut of education starting from the School of Engineering, School of Life science, School of Bio-technology School of Cine, Theater & Television technology ,Mass Communication, School of Pharamaceutical, School of Business and Hotel Management, School of Law and Governance, School of Social science andLanguages and School of education-just to name a few, Elite faculty with global vision prepares and enables the students to face the challenges in life.

Encouraged by the steady progress of the Nursery school, ” Seedling Public School” ( a co education institution, 10+2 C.B.S.E. Senior secondary School) was established at Jawahar Nagar Jaipur. As a part of future development “SEEDLING MODERN HIGH SCHOOL” became a reality at Mahaveer Nagar II, Jaipur. Besides, the three branches of the management ventured into Seedling Modern Public School Udaipur.

Welcome to Seedling Nursery School

The five years of a child’s life are of crucial importance. It is during this time that a ealthy child, given the right environment, has the ability to transform from a helpless and ependent infant into a capable and articulate person. In these five years all the foundations are laid for relating, inquiry, critical thinking and creativity. In fact, a child’s entire personality is established.


Seedling is a school with a difference. It inculcates aspects of the “Innovative Child Centered Approach” to lend more meaningful outlook to the educational system. The hallmark of our educational policy is to “Discover the Child”, find its basic potential and give that potential an encouraging and appropriate outlet, at each successive stage of growth from childhood to maturity. Our challenge remains essentially the same to enable the child to think, to be creative and be a good & proud Indian.


Seedling believes that children learn in their own unique style. Young minds have infinite capacity to understand, grasp and master various skills. Hence, we ensure that during the crucial years of children’s development, they are provided with practice based training under the guidance of our expert teachers. Seedling aims to impart students with knowledge, discipline, confidence, excellence and a sense of responsibility.