Principal Desk


From the Principal’s Desk

“Education opens up such vast vistas of knowledge that one needs many lives to master it.” True, very true, when I came back from Africa, and after going around the schools for my sons’ admissions, I realised, that Jaipur Kindergarten classes were in immediate need of revamping & restructuring. With my experience and training in East Africa in the field of education, I started Seedling Nursery School in the year 1986, bringing in a new approach, a Play Way Method, used all over the world but sadly lacking in India at that time.

The early education should be a sort of amusement, to be able to find the natural bent of every child. Education must be able to realise the inner potential of a child, bringing forth all that is best in the human being — in his heart & mind. “Catch them young & let them grow to bloom” was the motive behind Seeding Group of Schools.

Today, while looking back, a sense of satisfaction & peace dawns on me, that I have been able to bring about a change, however little, but not insignificant, in the approach of imparting knowledge to the little ones. I tried to give children their childhood back to them and not to be stuffed by the tyrannical approach. I strive for perfection and change with the changing scenario in the field of education and technology, bringing forth new techniques in my schools.