Director Desk


From the Director’s Desk

Dear Parents/ Guardians,
Paradigms in education are not static, they change with the growing body of technical knowledge and changing human needs. Seedling was the result of this realization amongst stalwarts in the field of education who joined hands to form the Ankur Udbodhak Samiti.

The motto of the Samiti is ” which means that we aim at wisdom and the ability to comprehend. Our effort is to open all doors so that noble thoughts come to us from every side. The Samiti aims at inculcating the glorious traditions of Vedic and Sanskritic Institutions as part of developing the personality of the students and their social behaviour. Emphasis is laid on building good citizenship and patriotic values in the students.

The mission of the school is to develop human beings who are useful to society and who will shun negative views in life. It is our constant effort to identify a child’s latent potential and nurture it to its full potential, to provide an ambience and culture that promotes the spirit of competition, excellence, love, dedication and self-esteem. The school strongly believes that such education can be imparted by building a strong understanding with the parents. The school appreciates and is sensitive to the expectations of the parents who send their children to our school.

Our institution is a place where students and teachers are provided with innovative and challenging ways to think about what they are doing and by allowing them to figure out the best ways to accomplish their goals.

It has rightly been said that ‘Future belongs to those who believe in their dreams’. Education is the gatepass to achieve those dreams. It is our privilege to create a platform for surging talents of Seedlites. This institution has been established with zeal and vision to fulfil that dream of students, which makes them part of a family known for its quality and integrity, zeal and commitment of its faculty.

May the almighty be our inspiration and strength through this journey.